Monday, 12 December 2011

Toxicity and ingredients

Liquid Paper came beneath analysis in the 1980s, due to apropos over recreational sniffing of the product. The amoebic bread-and-butter 1,1,1-trichloroethane was acclimated as a thinner in the product.2 Liquid Paper application this thinner was anticipation to be baneful and a carcinogen, but after studies accept apparent that although the thinner acclimated was baneful there was no affirmation of carcinogenicity.3 There were a cardinal of studies bond fatalities45 to the trichloroethane independent in alteration fluids, including Liquid Paper.

The abatement of trichloroethane, by Gillette Corporation, from Liquid Paper commenced due to Proposition 65 declaring it chancy and toxic.6 Liquid Paper was reformulated so that trichloroethane was no best acclimated in the product,7 and as of 2009 the accepted artefact contains no baneful solvents.

Liquid Paper contains titanium dioxide, bread-and-butter naphtha, mineral spirits, resins, dispersant, colorants and fragrance.

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